I admit it, I’m not fond of cold wind.  It aggravates me and sometimes even causes me to feel light-headed, off balance, and disturbed.  So whenever there’s a cold wind (which there often is when I pick my daughter up from school), I tend to get a bit whiny and complain.

But I thought about it – the wind is important!  Without the wind, we wouldn’t have fresh air.  No rainstorms would travel through.  Pollen and seeds often wouldn’t find new places to plant themselves and grow.  And how would you fly a kite?

Sometimes, we need wind to blow through our life.  Let it clear out the staleness and the emotional smog.  Allow it to bring in the rain and give new life to your inner self.  Breathe in something fresh that has blown your way, or exhale out whatever you want to throw to the wind.

The wind is like the force of Spirit stirring you up, fanning your inner spark of inspiration, carrying new ideas or experiences into your neighborhood, or spreading your influence far and wide.

Yeah, I love the wind!


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