It’s part 2 of my Not-So Patient Patient story. Yeah, believe it or not.

Now I’m going on 8 weeks of having some sort of bug – I would seem to be almost over one ailment, and then I’d catch something else.

I believe that I’m just about over this cycle. But the journey has deepened again.

My new-found patience led me to explore my internal attitudes. What thought was I holding onto in my consciousness? What could be behind this perpetuated illness?

Then I got angry with my husband about revisiting an old argument I thought we had put to rest. And angry with my daughter about not cooperating when I asked her to pick up her marbles. And I just hate being sick. I’m sick and tired of it!

Uh oh. Did I really just think that? How often have I been thinking that I’m “sick and tired” of it? Could that be behind why I’ve been feeling sick and tired?

Yes, it just might be.

So I’ve been working with my thoughts. And I found that, in both subtle and overt ways, I’ve been holding that energy of being “sick and tired.” My body finally seemed to agree. That’s a problem.

Our thoughts are powerful. We can create, transform, and manifest much of what we desire in life. We can also create what we don’t want, too. If we’re focused on what is a problem and what we don’t want, we may find ourselves experiencing more of it. Are we focusing on problems, or solutions?

This doesn’t mean to be in denial about the problem, but to be very intentional about how we approach it. I am recognizing what is problematic for me in my life, and looking at how I can change it – both on the internal level of my reactions and perceptions, and the external level of my behaviors.

I’m also changing the mantra of “sick and tired” to “I’m Healthy and Trusting”. I’m trusting the process, by being patient and recognizing the purpose for my experience. It is changing the way I respond to life in a positive and empowering way.

Have you been “sick and tired”?  What’s the mantra you’ve been repeating?  What do you want to change it to?  Share it here.


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