I was lying on a treatment table at my acupuncturist’s office, with a painful ear infection.   I had felt mentally, emotionally, and energetically better since the first treatment two days ago, but the ears continued to feel blocked, and I still was spitting up yellow phlegm.

Nalinee, my acupuncturist, talked about how much my energy field had improved.  In her Thai accent, she reminded me of the power of the mind, and how harnessing that would facilitate healing.

I knew that, of course, but had been humbled.  I had been struggling with my emotions for several days, feeling fearful and sometimes depressed, and had not been able to make the full shift in my consciousness to a true healing mentality.  I wasn’t practicing what I knew.

I confessed that I had not been drinking enough water the last couple of days and had begun upping the intake that morning.  She talked about the importance of the blood in the body, and water.

I felt a shift in myself.  My mind turned over – water… thoughts…

“It makes me think of Dr. Emoto’s work – how the energy of the word would change the formation of the water crystals,” I said.

“Oh, yes, you read Dr. Emoto’s work?  Very powerful.  Very good,” Nalinee said.

A spark lit somewhere within me – “Wow… I can change all of my blood with my thoughts, because it’s water – most of my body is water!”   She smiled at me, as if saying “ah-ha! Yes!.”

She relayed a story to me about water and her body’s healing reaction.  “I had a glass of water sitting on the counter, next to a glass of water that I had put flowers in from my garden.  The flowers had been there for a few days, and I took them out of the water.  Then, I picked up my glass to drink from, and took some water from it.  But then I saw the other glass on the counter and realized that I didn’t know which glass I had drank from – my water glass, or the glass that had the flowers in it.  A few hours later, I threw up.  And I expressed gratitude to my body for its ability to know what was bad for it and to get it out.  You know how much better you feel after you throw up?  I was very grateful for throwing up.”

I pondered this – to be grateful for vomiting.  How many people would consider that, eh?!  I don’t often think of it that way, but yes, there were times when I got sick to my stomach and I was so relieved after vomiting.  The body relaxed and said, yes, you’re OK now.  Throwing up is a blessing when it saves you from harm.

Then, she brought her hands to her solar plexus, closed her eyes, and said, “You can say this: I am so very grateful for my body.  I am so very grateful to the earth.  I am grateful for all of creation.  And may all other beings also feel this gratitude, and this healing.”

The last of the needles had been placed in my feet, legs, chest, ears, and head, and she left the room to allow me to rest.

Deep from within my heart, the gratitude welled up.  I felt so very grateful for healing from this infection.  I felt gratitude to my body for its ability to heal.  I went through every part of my body I could think of – the organs, the tissues, the structure, the fluids – and one by one, expressed my deep gratitude for them.  The energy of the gratitude was like a radiant sun, shining from my heart out into every cell of my being.  I then thanked my chakras, one by one, and felt them all fill my being with their light.  Tears streamed down my cheeks towards my ears – my ears that are receiving this healing.

While I rested, my body vibrated with this deep appreciation, which was like a joyful stream of radiance, shining out from my center in waves, again and again.  It was ecstasy.  I wanted to cling to it, to keep it, but I knew it would do what it did and clinging only made it dissipate.  So I breathed deeply and rode the waves, building at times, and other times just quietly blessing me with ease.

I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I would heal.  My ears would heal.  I had been doubtful since the ear infection started 4 days ago.  Now I was certain, and I relaxed.

After lunch back at home, I went outside in my garden.  As I had been feeling the deep gratitude for everything on the acupuncture table, I wanted to come home and touch the earth.  Feel the grass between my fingers.  Listen blissfully to the birds in the oak tree, and delight in the squirrels digging for their acorns.  There was so much to be grateful for, and I wanted to drink it all in.

Thank you, Nalinee, for re-awakening the power of Gratitude within me.


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