Jun 15

My Journey Out of Depression

Two celebrity suicides prompt me to share my own story of depression, and how I journeyed from being suicidal to wholeness and happiness within.

I have struggled this week with what to write in this month’s blog. I can’t say that this is a unique experience; I often have challenges with the looming question of “what to write?”

But this week it was a bit different. The recent suicides in the news – Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain – made me stop to reflect on things.

I hardly knew who Kate Spade was, other than seeing her name on merchandise in local department stores. Anthony Bourdain, however, I was very familiar with. Our family enjoyed watching Parts Unknown as a bit of education about other cultures around the world – how they lived, ate, celebrated, and even mourned the tragedies that their nations had been through. It felt important for us to know these foreign lands and peoples who lived very differently than we do.

Though I have no idea why they ended their lives, one thing was very clear to me: fame and fortune didn’t make them happy. At least not in a lasting, sustainable way. Although I can’t say I have had fame and fortune, I have had many lessons in the pain of depression, and in discovering what made me truly happy, or at least content with my life. It didn’t come from making money or appearing successful, or even from a wonderful relationship. I had to find it inside myself. Continue Reading »

May 19

Spring Women’s 1-Day Retreat: The Heart of Healing ***SOLD OUT***

Spring Women’s 1-Day Retreat: The Heart of Healing Saturday, May 19th, 2018 9:30am-5:30pm Ananda Valley Farm, Half Moon Bay, CA *** SOLD OUT ***  contact Rev. Connie to be put on the wait list for cancellations  

Apr 29

Spring 2017 Day-Long Retreat: “Awakening and Creativity”

details coming soon, after our winter retreat. A day in nature and spiritual community to awaken your creative energies, inspired by springtime!

Jan 22

Winter 2017 Day-Long Retreat – “Sound, Energy, and Intention”

Energy is the essence of the entire universe, and the essence of you and me. Everything in nature has a signature vibration that co-creates the symphony of the life on this planet. Our words and even our thoughts vibrate with … Continue Reading »

Dec 16

Monthly Morning Yoga and Meditation (MMYM)

Join Rev. Connie for an inspiring monthly class to awaken the Divine within you! A two-hour class, in her signature style – slow, deep, and mindful. A spiritual theme emerges from discussion and is explored through the practice. Guided meditation … Continue Reading »