Every morning, shortly after I wake, I do my “sit-spot” practice outside in our front yard.  This is a practice of simply sitting and being present with everything in nature.  It’s a beautiful way to begin my day with the freshness of the morning air, the sun beginning to peek through the leaves, the squirrels racing up and down the oak trees, and most of all, the birdsong.

I relish hearing the variety of birds in our neighborhood.  On those beautiful, bright, sunny mornings it is pure delight to sit by our grassy patch and hear a bird calling from the tall redwood tree 5 houses down to the right, and to hear the high-pitched clicking sound of a hummingbird as it zooms in for a drink from our Mexican sage.

This morning, however, was quite different than the others for the last couple of months.  It was dense with cloud-cover, and rain was expected.  For California in June, this is rare.  With ordinary eyes, one might wake up, see the dismal looking skies, and decide to just pull the covers over the head and go back to sleep.  A dreary, cloudy day.

Not so for the birds.  Like every other morning I’ve spent in sit-spot on my lawn, the birds were singing their song.  They were out there – the chickadees, the spotted towhees, the wrens, the juncos, and the hummingbirds – chirping away.  Every day they sing their song, sharing it with the world, declaring their right to be here and the beauty of having another sun rise (even if obscured by the clouds).

Funny how we humans don’t always appreciate our days like the birds do.  We look at the external appearance, like the weather, and decide if this day is worth it or not.  We allow external conditions – the weather, our bank account, or our relationship status – to determine the value we give to our life, here in this moment.

Your value, and the beauty of life, isn’t based on these temporary, external things.  You inherently have value, just for Being.  Your life is a miracle, each and every moment, just because It Is.  Truly – the fact that any of us are alive, that we are part of this cycle of life on this rare and extraordinary planet that supports and sustains a vast array of beings, from microscopic to majestic, is miraculous.  Think about it.  You are part of that living miracle, and this moment in time is just as precious as any other – when you are truly Present with it.

The birds aren’t thinking about how big their nest is, or whether they will get enough seeds today, or if they are a good enough bird to sing.  They aren’t questioning their value.  They aren’t thinking about whether they are better or worse than other birds.  They simply step out on that branch or telephone line, and sing their song.  The birds are simply BEING who they are and allowing it to express into the world.  No comparisons, judgments, or worries.

Singing your song is simply being and expressing your true nature.  Let it out; open your voice and let the sound of your soul move through you.  It doesn’t need to be loud or outrageous or amazing.  It just needs to be you.  The sound of the hawk and the sound of the junco are both needed to complete the symphony of nature.  You don’t need a reason to justify it – you came here to authentically be who you are, and to be a part of All That Is.  It wouldn’t be the same without you!  So sing your song, today and every day, in every moment.


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