May 19

Spring Women’s 1-Day Retreat: The Heart of Healing ***SOLD OUT***

Spring Women’s 1-Day Retreat: The Heart of Healing Saturday, May 19th, 2018 9:30am-5:30pm Ananda Valley Farm, Half Moon Bay, CA *** SOLD OUT ***  contact Rev. Connie to be put on the wait list for cancellations  

Dec 05

Trataka – the Yogic Art of Gazing

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As the days grow colder and shorter – and the holiday season approaches – I am always drawn to candles. Candlelight is soothing, warming, and inspiring. My daughter and I love to light them all around the house and especially at the dinner table. We also relish time to create home-made, rolled beeswax candles.

Lighting candles is also a wonderful way to celebrate the first day of winter – the Solstice. As the hours of sunlight begin to increase from this point forward until summertime, igniting a candle (or several) honors and symbolizes this growing solar light, as well as our Divine Light within.

The ancient yogis knew the power of candlelight, and incorporated it into a practice called Trataka. Continue Reading »

Oct 21

Fall 2017 Women’s Retreat: “Outside-In” ***SOLD OUT***

A Day For Women in Community with Rev. Connie L. Habash When summer ends, we turn inward. We long to feel peace, to embody our True Self, and to deepen our connection with the Divine. Come together as women and … Continue Reading »

Apr 29

Spring 2017 Day-Long Retreat: “Awakening and Creativity”

details coming soon, after our winter retreat. A day in nature and spiritual community to awaken your creative energies, inspired by springtime!

Jan 22

Winter 2017 Day-Long Retreat – “Sound, Energy, and Intention”

Energy is the essence of the entire universe, and the essence of you and me. Everything in nature has a signature vibration that co-creates the symphony of the life on this planet. Our words and even our thoughts vibrate with … Continue Reading »